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Maple Grove Commercial District


Welcome to Maple Grove, showcasing an exclusive opportunity to invest in commercial lots within the Maple Grove Cavite Commercial District. Developed by Megaworld Corporation, the leading township developer in the Philippines, these ready-to-construct lots range from 408-850 sqm and offer the option of combining adjacent lots up to 1,750 sqm. With construction set to begin for investors on November 30, 2023, this article highlights the urgency to invest in Maple Grove Cavite and the numerous benefits it provides as the economy bounces back.

  1. Ready-to-Construct Lots: Build Your Business Vision:

Maple Grove Cavite presents an opportunity to build your business vision on ready-to-construct lots with 30% paid equity. With construction scheduled to commence on November 30, 2023, for ready-to-construct lots you can execute your plans and bring your commercial concept to life. 

  1. Ideal Lot Sizes for Various Business Needs:

The commercial lots in Maple Grove Cavite cater to different business needs. Ranging from 408-850 sqm, these lots provide ample space for a wide range of commercial ventures, whether it's a retail complex, dining establishment, office spaces, or other commercial enterprises. The flexibility in lot sizes allows you to choose the perfect space that aligns with your business requirements.


  2. Combine Adjacent Lots for Greater Flexibility:

For those seeking a larger commercial space, the option to combine adjacent lots up to 1,750 sqm provides even greater flexibility. This allows you to create a more expansive footprint for your business, accommodating larger operations, additional amenities, or multiple establishments. The combined lots offer endless possibilities for your commercial vision.

 3 .Megaworld Corporation: Trusted Developer for Your Investment:

Investing in Maple Grove Cavite means partnering with Megaworld Corporation, the Philippines' trusted leader in township development. With a solid reputation for delivering top-notch projects, Megaworld ensures that your investment is secure and backed by a reputable developer. Their expertise and commitment to quality guarantee long-term value and growth for your commercial property.


  4. Seize the Urgency: Bouncing Back in the Economy:

The current economic climate presents a compelling urgency to invest. As the economy bounces back, there is a surge in demand for commercial spaces, creating a ripe market for businesses to thrive. By investing in Maple Grove Cavite, you position your business to capitalize on this upward trend, attracting customers and enjoying the potential for substantial returns on investment.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to invest in the Maple Grove Cavite Commercial District. With ready-to-construct lots starting at 408-850 sqm and the option to combine adjacent lots up to 1,750 sqm, Megaworld Corporation provides the ideal platform for your business aspirations.


As the economy bounces back, now is the time to secure your place in this thriving commercial hub. Contact us today to explore the available lots and take the first step toward realizing your commercial vision in Maple Grove Cavite.

Commercial Lot

Maple Grove Cavite offers commercial lot for sale for as low as 100,000 per sqm. Located in EPZA Diversion rd. Antero Soriano Hiway General Trias Cavite. 

Maple Grove Commercial District

August 2022 Pricelist

Updated pricelist as of August 2021. 


Site Location

30 min. away from Manila and 20 min. to Tagaytay



Few Prime Lots starting 439 - 850 sqm


Allowed Uses

Description for proposed guidelines for Commercial Business.



with the nearest Sangley Airport, Cavite Bataan Bridge, LRT 1 Extension, CALAX, Cavite c5 Link, Cavitex Sangley Extension, MCX, SLEX.

Create your own commercial building
create your own health care facility such as hospital
build your own bpo office space for your headquarters
commercial lot for sale in cavite maple grove by megaworldl

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